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Active Material Pit Inspections

Noxious Weed Compliance Certification Requirements for
Disturbed Areas in Burleigh County of the State of North Dakota

Each person shall do all things necessary and proper to control the spread of noxious weeds. (North Dakota Century Code Chapter 4.1-47)

Gravel pit owner/operators:
Have the responsibility to ensure that all materials transported into or within all counties of North Dakota, from any area of operation including any stockpiles of topsoil, overburden, gravel, scoria, access routes, etc. are free of noxious/invasive weeds for; the state of North Dakota, the county where the pit is located, and the county where the material is delivered to.

All weed control is the responsibility of the owner/operator. Noxious weed control will comply with the weed list of the destination, state/county. If noxious weeds are present, control must be done before certification can take place. Acceptable weed control practices are chemical or cultural (tillage, burying of plant material). Bio-control is not acceptable.

When opening a new area or pit with noxious weeds present, topsoil and materials must be removed and stock piled appropriately, not to be moved.

Owner/operators will control weeds within the entire property area, spraying or tilling to the property lines. This will include all stockpiles of product, regardless of origin.

A copy of the chemical spray record is to be kept on file for 3 years (North Dakota Century Code Chapter 4-35) and made available to the weed officer or NDDA inspector. See attached sample copy of spray report.

All chemicals used must comply with the EPA label of each chemical.

Each owner/operator must come up with a written plan on how they are going to continue the control of noxious weeds on their property. They may work on this in conjunction with the county weed officer.

The County Weed Officer will only grant Certification after an inspection.



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