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Raffle Requirements

ELIGIBLE ORGANIZATIONS - veterans, charitable, educational, religious, fraternal, civic and service, public safety, or public spirited.

TWO TYPES OF APPLICATIONS: one application is for Fraternal Organization and one application is for other organizations. A Fraternal Organization means an organization, except a college or high school fraternity, which is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation and which is a branch, lodge, or chapter of a national or state organization and exists for the common business, brotherhood, or other interests of its members and must be exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c).

REQUIREMENTS for Veterans, Charitable, Educational, Religious, and Fraternal
Organizations are as follows:

1. Copy of Official Minutes authorizing raffle.
2. Statement detailing uses of proceeds.
3. Copy of charter or by-laws.
4. Proof that organization has been in existence for at least two (2) years.
5. List of prizes and dollar value.
6. Date, time and place of drawing.
7. Application and $10.00 fee.

Application for Local or Restricted Event Permit - SFN 9338 (document)
File Size: 1756.45 kb

Public Spirited Organization

If the organization is not a Veterans, Charitable, Educational, Religious or fraternal Organization, whose primary purpose is for scientific research, amateur sports competition, safety, arts, agriculture, preservation of cultural heritage, educational activities or educational recreation, it MUST be recognized as a Public Spirited Organization.

A Public Spirited Organization requires the above 7 items along with a Resolution of Burleigh County Commission recognizing the organization as public spirited.

Raffle - Spirited Organization Application (document)
File Size: 4.78 kb

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