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Load Limits

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Road Cracking

* Notice is hereby given that the Burleigh County Board of Commissioners have resolved that seasonal load restrictions will end on Monday, May 13, 2024 at 7:00 A.M. Normal restrictions will go into effect at that time.

Permit System

Burleigh County uses LoadPass Permits to issue all overweight and oversized truck permits. LoadPass Permits' website can be accessed at . For questions regarding the permitting process please call LoadPass Permits at (701) 566-5576.


Normal Load Restrictions

Maximum gross vehicle weight allowed on all Burleigh County roads is 105,500 lbs (See below for exceptions). For heavier loads, click here to access LoadPass Permits' website. Typically load restrictions are in place from mid February through May, but vary each year depending on actual moisture and weather conditions. The County uses the same guidelines, time frame and recommendations as the North Dakota Department of Transportation. Watch for official notices in the Bismarck Tribune each spring.


Some roads remain restricted all year with a 6 ton/axle (80,000 lbs max) load restriction and they are:

  • River Road (from Ward Road, north to State Hwy 1804)
  • 26th St NE (from 71st Ave, north to 123rd Ave)
  • Apple Creek Road (from Yegan Road, east to 158th St)
  • 227th Ave NE (from US Hwy 83, east to 26th St)
  • Highway 10 (from 66th St NE, east to 158th St NE)

In addition residential subdivisions are restricted to 8 ton/axle (105,500 lbs max) when not under spring load restrictions.

See below for Weight Restrictions Guide and Chart for additional guidance on legal loading in Burleigh County.

Weight Restrictions Guide & Chart --- (Effective January 1, 2016)
Weight Restrictions Guide Weight Restrictions Chart
Weight Restrictions Guide Weight Restrictions Chart


Spring Load Restrictions

**Spring load restrictions may change from year to year and are reevaluated before they are implemented each year.

Below are the roads restricted by weight when spring load restrictions are in effect:

  • 5 ton/axle (80,000 lb. max): All roads in subdivisions except roads in industrial subdivisions

  • 6 ton/axle (80,000 lb. max): 227th Ave NE (from US Hwy 83, east to 26th St), All paved roads not classified as 5-Ton, 7-Ton or By Legal Weight, All of Fernwood Dr, 353rd St NE (from Highway 10, north to 84th Ave NE)

  • 7 ton/axle (105,500 lb. max): All gravel roads not classified as 5-Ton or 6-Ton, All roads in industrial subdivisions not classified as By Legal Weight (76th Ave NE [west of Highway 83], Andre Ln, Andre Loop, Aurora Loop, Aurora St, Beech St, Carbine Dr, Cartridge Loop, Cavalry Dr, Centurion Dr, Fuller Ave, Hemlock St, Rifle Range Dr, Saber Dr, Saber Loop, Saber Pl, Sky Way, Skyhawk Ave, Yukon Dr), 136th Ave NE (the pavement portion from the first road approach on the south side east of US Hwy 83 to the east where the gravel starts, approximately a half a mile)

  • By Legal Weight (105,500 lb. max): Hwy 10 from 66th St NE east to US Hwy 83, 158th St NE from I-94 to just south of Apple Creek Rd, Centennial Rd and 71st Ave NE between Centennial Rd & US Hwy 83, 136th Ave NE from US Hwy 83 east to the first road approach on south side of 136th Ave NE, 236th St NE from I-94 north to 30th Ave NE, 30th Ave NE from 236th St NE east to 249th St NE, 249th St NE from 30th Ave NE north to 103rd Ave NE. 103rd Ave NE from 223rd St NE east to 249th St NE, 43rd Ave NE from Centennial Rd to Roosevelt Dr, 57th Ave NW from 15th St NW to Crested Butte Rd, All of Industrial Park Dr


The following resolution was passed at the September 2, 2015 Burleigh County Board of Commissioners Meeting:

  • THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: As of January 1, 2016 Burleigh County hereby adopts the State of North Dakota legal load weight limitations chart, with a maximum weight limit of 105,500 pounds, for all County roadways, and

  • That the Highway Department is allowed to grant oversize/overweight permits with a maximum axle weight of 20,000 pounds, and

  • That the County will no longer allow Self-Propelled Earthmoving Equipment to be moved un-trailered on County roadways.

The following resolution was passed at the October 1, 2018 Burleigh County Board of Commissioners Meeting:

  • THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: As of January 1, 2019 Burleigh County hereby adopts the LoadPass Permit system and authorizes the proper County officials to enter into an agreement with the Western Dakota Energy Association to operate said system.

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