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The Operations Division consists of the Warrants, Transports, Civil, Court Security, 24/7, Administrative and Training Sections of the Department.

The Warrants Section is in charge of apprehending suspects who have warrants for their arrest, including failing to appear in court.  The section consists of three Deputies with one assigned to the multi-agency Fugitive Task Force. The Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department currently has approximately 3,000 active warrants. You can provide anonymous tips regarding the whereabouts of individuals with warrants to ND TIP 411

The Transport Section is made up of five Deputies and is tasked with bringing in-custody defendants to scheduled court hearings and medical appointments. The transport deputies are also in charge of transporting defendants from other jurisdictions within the State back to Burleigh County as well as Felony Extraditions out of State. The Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department averages over 1,000 transports annually.   

The Civil Section is comprised of three Deputies in charge of completing Civil Process duties. The Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department averages over 7,500 civil papers served annually. Information regarding our fees, is located under our Civil Process webpage.

The Court Security Section is made up of three Deputies who are in charge of maintaining the safety and security of the Courthouse.

The 24/7 Section is made up of one licensed Deputy and one Civilian Personnel. They are in charge of administering the daily alcohol breath testing as well as the secure continuous remote alcohol monitoring (SCRAM) bracelet and drug patch testing.

The Administrative Section is made up of one licensed Deputy and seven Civilian Personnel. Our licensed Deputy is in charge of recruitment and retention for the Department. Five civilian personnel run the day-to-day administrative duties in the office, while one is assigned to internet technology (IT) and one is assigned as the department mechanic. 

The Training Section is made up of two Deputies who facilitate continuous training and procurement for the Department. Training programs include basic recruit training to advanced and specialized training programs for both the members of the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department and the Burleigh/Morton Detention Center.

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Burleigh County Sheriff's Dept
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