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A variety of programs are offered to inmates at the Burleigh County Detention Center. These programs are provided to help inmates better themselves during their incarceration and prepare them for their release. In hopes that it will aid them in becoming successful citizens in their community.


Eligibility for program activities depends upon the inmate's security classification and other factors. These factors include sentencing status, length of stay, assessed needs, and behavior within the jail. Participation in all programs is voluntary and mainly dependent upon cooperative and responsible behavior. Inmates can request to attend these programs through the inmate kiosk system.

Programs Offered:

  • Religious Services
  • Bible Study
  • Worship Service - monthly
  • Individual Visits
  • Alcohol Anonymous (AA)
  • F5 Project
  • Electronic Home Monitoring
  • Chemical Addiction Evaluations
  • Work/Education/Treatment Release


Work/School/Treatment Release Program

There are inmates who have been sentenced to the Burleigh Morton County Detention Center for Non-Violent offenses who hold full-time jobs, attend school or treatment facility in the community. This program will be used to allow those inmates to maintain his/her employment, learn financial responsibility, help him/her to avoid undue financial hardship and assist the inmate in integrating back into the community. This program will also be used for those inmates to continue their education and attend treatment programs that will help them better their lives and become productive citizens of the community. Inmates will be carefully screened prior to be given the privilege of participating in this program.


General information

Work/School/Treatment Release is a privilege and under N.D.C.C. is at the discretion of the Sheriff, unless the court has ordered that an inmate may not receive Work/School/Treatment Release.

Being involved in a Release Program is a privilege not a right; therefore, any inmate may be denied this privilege for patterns of bad behavior, negative leadership, and/or inappropriate communications with staff, inmate, visitors, or volunteers.

Inmates who would like to participate in a release program will notify the Programs Department using the inmate kiosk in his/her pod.

Once the Programs Department receives the request from the inmate, they will pre-screen the inmate to see if they are eligible. If the inmate meets the criteria, their information and application will be send to the sheriff.

The eligibility criteria serves as guidelines to determine which inmates will be eligible for work/school/treatment release. Each case will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Other factors may be considered prior to granting work release. Under N.D.C.C. 12-44.1-18.1, "The correctional facility shall take measures to maintain correctional facility security and safety and to protect the safety of the public."


Inmates must meet the following pre-screen criteria:

  • Must be sentenced in all cases currently in custody for.
  • No outstanding hold.
  • Not a Federal Inmate.
  • Background Check.
  • FBI Background.
  • Local Background
  • Other Law Enforcement Personnel.
  • Driving Record.
  • Has never been removed from any type of Inmate Programs..
  • Must have been in custody a minimum of 4 days..
  • Inmate must also have an acceptable criminal history. The inmates approve for a certain release program may be affected or limited by criminal charges that occurred in the last seven years. Criminal Charges such as: .
  • Violent crime.
  • Sexual Offenses.
  • Any crimes against a child.
  • Drug delivery, intent to deliver or manufacturing of drugs..
  • Introduction of contraband into a correctional facility..
  • Third DUI.
  • Protection Orders against them .


Work Release Fees:

If an inmate is participating in the Work Release Program, the inmate will be charged a Work Release Fee. There is a $15.00 per day as authorized by N.D.C.C maximum of (5) days, $75 per week, to be paid one week in advance of each scheduled work week.

Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) Program

As part of an individual's sentence, a judge may give the option of serving part or all of their sentence on Electronic Home Monitoring. However, the judge may stipulate in the judgment that the individual must be approved by the sheriff prior to being allowed to participate. If this is to occur, the individual must contact the BMDC Programs Manager and summit a request to part in the EHM Program. Once request is submitted the BMDC Programs Manager will perform a background check and makes sure the applicant meets the eligibility Criteria. The information gathered will then be sent to the Sheriff for approval of the program.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria serves as guidelines to determine which inmates will be eligible for EMS programming.



Inmates are eligible for Electronic Home Monitoring if:

A. The defendant has not been convicted of felony personal crimes:

a. Aggravated Assault, in violation of N.D.C.C. § 12.1-17-02;

b. Sexual Assault, in violation of N.D.C.C § 12-1-20-07;

c. Armed Robbery, in violation of N.D.C.C §12.1-22-01;

d. Murder, in violation of N.D.C.C § 12.1-16-01;

B. The defendant has not been convicted of:

a. Escape, in violation of N.D.C.C § 12.1-08-06;

b. Bail Jumping, in violation of N.D.C.C §12.1-08-05;

c. Violating a Protection/Restraining Order;

d. Stalking, in violation of N.D.C.C § 12.1-17-07.1;

e. Kidnapping, in violation of N.D.C.C § 12.1-18-01;

C. The defendant does not have an excess number of crimes charged. (Ex. Someone is charged with burglary, C Felony Theft of Property, and Possession of a controlled substance.)

D. The defendant resides in the South Central Judicial District

D. The inmate lives in the South Central Judicial District


Electronic Monitoring Fees

The defendant will be responsible for fees for the use of the Electronic Monitoring System. The fees will be set by contracted facilities.

BMDC does require a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) processing fee that must be paid prior to being on EHM.


F5 Project


Founded in 2016 by a former inmate, F5 helps to coordinate services and provide personal support in order to deter repeat offenses. After serving time and realizing the lack of services once released from prison, F5's founder realized that if we as a society are unable to help break the cycle in an individual's life that led them to crime, we will fail. If we are able to provide continued support when they leave confinement, we have a greater chance of positively impacting a former inmate's life by leveling barriers. That benefits all of us, as well as the former offender.

F5 starts the transition journey through contact while in confinement. Through discussion, motivation, and direct relationship building, inmates are introduced to F5 members…

Commonly known as function keys on a computer keyboard, F1 through F12 may have a variety of different uses but F5 is special to us for one reason… F5 is the refresh key. No matter what data you have on your computer screen, when you hit F5 it all deletes. This is really what any person with a background wants, to start over, clean, refresh.

We help make that happen from our approach, and it's also happens to be how many felonies the founder of F5 Project had when he started is journey to success. We believe this is what differentiates F5 from other companies, "we have been in their shoes" approach will always win out in any scenario.

Chemical Addiction Evaluations
Summit Counseling Services has teamed up with BMDC to provide the opportunity for inmate to get a chemical addiction evaluation completed while in custody.

Inmates must submit a request for a chemical addiction evaluation through the inmate kiosk. Once the request is summited, a BMDC Programs personal with meet with them to go over the requirements and fees needed prior to an evaluation is scheduled. The cost of the evaluation is the responsibility of the inmate or whoever has agreed to pay the cost for them.


Helps keep families connected to their loved one during incarceration
How it works:


Community Resources

Applications & Links:

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FlikShop - Helps keep families connected to their loved one during incarceration
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