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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I qualify for hearing aids from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)?

You may receive free hearing aids from the VA if you have a service-connected disability rating for hearing loss or tinnitus. You may also be eligible for hearing aids if you are receiving compensation from the VA for any disability, although a co-payment may apply. The VA may provide hearing aids for veterans without service connected disabilities if their VA primary care providers determine it is medically necessary. The state also has a grant program that can help low-income veterans pay for hearing aids, although this program is not administered by the VA.

How can I qualify for eyeglasses from the VA?

The criteria for eyeglasses is similar to hearing aids.

How can I qualify for medication from the VA?

You must be enrolled in the VA Health Care System to qualify for medications. Co-payments may apply for non service connected care. Treatment for service connected conditions is free in VA facilities.

My neighbor gets his medications from the VA, and I know he has more money than I do, yet I've been told that I don't qualify because of my income and assets. Why is that?

There are several criteria that may be used to establish health care eligibility. You may be exempt from means testing if you are a combat zone veteran of the current conflicts; are a Vietnam veteran; are a Desert Storm veteran; served at Camp Lejeune, NC between 1957 and 1987; were awarded a Purple Heart Medal; or are receiving VA disability compensation. Also, veterans who enrolled prior to 2003 did not require means testing.

Where do I go to get more information or apply for benefits?

Contact the Burleigh County Veterans Service Office at (701) 222-6698 to arrange an appointment to discuss benefits and complete the application forms.

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